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The Nonconformist: Your child sees the world is brilliant colors and feels unique and special than anyone else they know.

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The place where the "I am Visible" campaign was born. Where Alan Cummings' joined our campaign, an interview with Kathy Griffin, a bit of the purple carpet at GLAAD Media Awards, an eMagazine; and even an invite to the White House! What's Next?

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Monday, September 10, 2012


Adrienne Williams, Founder of Bi Social Network discussed the launch of the 'I am Visible' Campaign, which kicked off November 1, 2010 for a yearlong campaign. The project was so popular that many did not what it to end. We decided to keep it as an ongoing PSA promotion on YouTube and our Facebook page to have the community connect to one another.


Speaker: Adrienne Williams


Adrienne Williams has a wealth of knowledge in web content, online media, social issues, women issues and diversity topics. Adrienne has been a keynote speaker at UC Davis and St. Cloud State University, a guest at the White House from President Barack Obama, along with leading special projects at diversity events.
If you would like to know more about Adrienne's writing projects, news and events or to book her for an event, please email us by using the contact us form.


Adrienne Williams received her degree in communication design and minored in computers and deaf studies. She has 12 years of experience in technology and communications, seven years as online producer, web content and manager, and ran three niche social sites under AJW Media. Adrienne has lived in Japan for two years, loves science fiction, and spends her time improving her craft.


Adrienne was invited to the White House by President Barack Obama in June of 2011 for advocacy work in social media Interviewed on Chicago Progressive Talk Radio hosted by Stephanie Miller
Featured in the Chicago Tribune (RedEye), Associated Press, GLAAD Blog, Huffington Post, Connextions Magazine, Windy City Times, The Bilerico Project and Advocate.com


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“Meeting Bill Clinton (Author of Giving) changed my life when he came here to Chicago. In that moment when I was inching my way to meet the man that changed a nation; I realized he was most happy now, in this time, giving hope, giving advice, giving to the needs of others and yes, we were dancing to the sounds of Motown; but in that moment -- I knew the end of 2007 was the beginning of a whole new life in giving back!”  –Adrienne Williams,AJW Media

I am so happy I stumbled upon your site! I have been dealing with biphobia on many sides for years and was both sad and happy to see I was not the only one. My story of being judged is also layered with the fact that I am in a age-gap relationship. Thank you for creating a place for me to feel I belong and am accepted and can do something to help.  –-Michelle,Member of Bi Social Network

“Adrienne brought me out of the Dark Ages as far as helping me use my Web site for outreach and support. I have an understanding of how important the internet and staying connected is to an industry such as mine in which support of "fans" can dictate how successful an endeavor will be. You need bodies in seats for a concert or show!” –-Lynne Jordan, Client of AJW Media,Lynne Jordan, LLC